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Name or Prominent Feature:
Entry to Nipomo Dunes Preserve
Area: Guadalupe
UTM Coordinates
- Zone: 10
- Easting: 716930
- Northing: 3871352
Decimal Degrees Coordinates
- Longitude: -120.624076
- Latitude: 34.961502
Location: west end of Main Street at boundary
Nearest Milepost
- Route:
- Mile Number:
  • Not on Coastal Trail

  • A small gate and sign indicate the entry to the Nipomo Dunes Preserve. (formerly Rancho Guadalupe County Park). Welcome to our network of public trails for walkers, bikers, equestrians, wheelchair riders, escorts and others along the 1200-mile California coastline.


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    • sb-1105-023w
      • Gate to the Nipomo Dunes Preserve