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Name or Prominent Feature:
Visitor Infomation Kiosk -- Palisades Park
Area: Santa Monica
UTM Coordinates
- Zone: 11
- Easting: 361716
- Northing: 3764689
Decimal Degrees Coordinates
- Longitude: 0
- Latitude: 0
Location: Ocean Ave. at foot of Santa Monica Blvd.
Nearest Milepost
- Route:
- Mile Number:
  • CCC Access Point
  • Parking
  • Facilities for Disabled
  • Restrooms
  • Historic Feature
  • Drinking Water
  • Telephone
  • Stairs to Beach
  • Public Transportation
  • Viewpoint

  • The kiosk is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm (4 winter) -- may close early on rainy days. Phone 310-393-7593. The pier is two blocks south, and the historic camera obscura is one block south, adjacent to the Senior Center which houses public restrooms. There is also a bowling (on-the-green)club, and nearby, a path to the beach. The commercial district begins on the other side of the street and extends several blocks. See entry for Palisades Park.