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Name or Prominent Feature:
Frank A. Vanderlip Sr. Park

Area: Rancho Palos Verdes
UTM Coordinates
- Zone: 11
- Easting: 371098
- Northing: 3734285
Decimal Degrees Coordinates
- Longitude: 0
- Latitude: 0
Location: 6500 Seacove Dr. between Nantasket & Coastsite
Nearest Milepost
- Route:
- Mile Number:
  • Hiking Trail
  • Prominent Natural Feature
  • Parking
  • Facilities for Disabled
  • Natural Surface Trail
  • Improved Surface
  • Impassable Spot
  • Public Transportation
  • Signage
  • Other
  • Viewpoint

  • 1. Approximately 1/3 mile of cliff top ocean front hiking protected by an open rail fence

    2. A short concrete sidewalk loop at the park center is suitable for wheelchairs.

    3. The only facilities are three backless benches and trash barrels

    4. Superb ocean and shoreline views. Catalina Island is 22 miles due south - visible on clear days. On a very clear day Santa Barbra Island is visible 52 miles west-south-west

    5. From December to April, migrating grey whales may be seen offshore. Dolphins- harbor seals- cormorants and pelicans are common

    6. No safe beach access

    7. Fenced adjacent lands to the east and west are private property

    8. Park use is restricted to daylight hours


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    • las-0205-8048
      • Park entrance sign (GPS point)
    • las-0205-8049
      • Bluff top path - east view
    • las-0205-8050
      • Bluff top path - west view
    • las-0205-8051
      • View of park bluffs from west end - Palos Verdes Bay Club in the distance