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  Map: Los Angeles Section 10 |   Point: las10-

Name or Prominent Feature:
Bike path and Coastal Trail
Area: Marina Del Rey
UTM Coordinates
- Zone: 11
- Easting: 366698
- Northing: 3761159
Decimal Degrees Coordinates
- Longitude: 0
- Latitude: 0
Location: Foot of Bali Way, behind library (4533 Admiralty Way)
Nearest Milepost
- Route:
- Mile Number:
  • Hiking Trail
  • CCC Access Point
  • Parking
  • Facilities for Disabled
  • Prominent Man Made Feature
  • Restrooms
  • Boating Facilities
  • Improved Surface
  • Drinking Water
  • Telephone
  • Bike Path

  • The bike path makes it way around the Marina going along dedicated paths, street bike-lanes and through parking lots. Over this route, as here, the bike and hiking paths are the same in some parts and separate in others.

    The County Public Library here has a good coastal map collection