Humboldt Section 57

The Lost Coast Trail (part of the CCT) heads southwest on an old road, crosses a tiny creek, and enters the lush meadow of Hidden Valley. At mile, take the left fork, then at mile veer left again at a signed switchback, ascending north into the forest on a dozen switchbacks to a ridge-top saddle. Ascend steeply south through large firs along the ridge-top. The trail continues along the ridge with numerous ups and downs. After climbing through a brush field with sweeping ocean views, return to the forest and meet a junction at 1.8 miles. The left fork goes down to Nadelos and Wailaki Campgrounds on Chemise Mountain Road. The right fork is the southbound continuation of the CCT along the ridge where you are occasionally rewarded with a great view looking down to the ocean. At 2.6 miles, a short branch trail to the northeast takes you to a viewpoint and bench atop Chemise Mountain (2598 feet), which provides an expansive view over the King Range. Continue along the ridge, alternating between open sunny spaces and thick forest with many undulations along the way and glimpses of the ocean. About a mile south of the summit of Chemise Mountain, you pass from Humboldt County into Mendocino County.

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