Humboldt Section 56

The CCT route leaves the Black Sands Beach Trailhead parking lot, goes east, then south along Beach Road for 1.2 miles to its end at Shelter Cove Road. Turn left and walk the shoulder of this busy road uphill for another 2.5 miles, then downhill for 0.5 miles to a right turn onto Chemise Mountain Road. Walk this road for 0.2 miles; then turn right into Hidden Valley Trailhead where the trail resumes southward toward Chemise Mountain on the Lost Coast Trail.

If you have chosen the side trip through the Shelter Cove area by going southward from Black Sands Beach to Point Delgada, you can go a short way beyond the Shelter Cove Deli by walking down the paved boat launch ramp to Shelter Cove Beach from where you can walk another 1.5 miles southward until you come to Point No Pass. Do not attempt to go beyond this point; the cliffs south are impassable. Go back to Shelter Cove Road to resume the CCT route.

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