Humboldt Section 53

Hiking here is in a nearly eastward direction along the rocky beach at the base of cliffs, with numerous seeps, springs, and hanging gardens. The beach is narrow and this may prevent passage at tides above + 4.0 feet. The narrowest section is the half mile just northwest of Shipman Creek. The canyon of Shipman Creek offers beach campsites among the driftwood, and active tidepools.

The coastline southeast of Shipman Creek is a dynamic landscape; major slides occur nearly every winter, changing the slopes above and the beach width below, particularly between Shipman and Buck Creeks. Boulders, dirt, and large tree trunks often block the beach, necessitating scrambling to get past if the tide is not at its lowest. Offshore is Delgada Canyon, a trench that reaches 450 feet depth within mile of shore.

Buck Creek has a few small campsites up on the bluff along the Buck Creek Trail that goes inland. South of Buck Creek is mostly sandy beach walking in a more southerly direction. Gitchell Creek, about three miles from Shipman Creek, offers fine beach camping, and a small grotto for bathing.

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