Humboldt Section 49

Beyond Spanish Creek, pass the Smith cabin and the Etter cabin, where a sign directs you to the right onto the beach to pass below a slide area for about mile. Beyond the slide area, the trail returns to the bench for about mile, then descends to the beach again just before a point. Continue along the beach around the point and to arrive at Hadley Creek (shown on topo maps as Big Creek). Here there are campsites on the beach among the driftwood, as well as nice secluded campsites up the canyon about mile on an elevated grassy bench among trees on the north side.

Between the Smith and Etter cabins is the Kinsey Ridge Trail (aka Smith Etter Road), a rough track that provides a connection to the high route along the ridge of the King Range. It?s a steep 3 mile hike up to a locked gate, then about 10 miles of rough, unpaved jeep road to the store at Honeydew.

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