Humboldt Section 46

South of Four Mile Creek you can walk along the sandy/rocky beach to enjoy the tidepools, or along a low bench with firmer footing. At low tide, you could walk this entire section along the beach. At high tide, it?s best to stay on the trail that goes higher on the bluff, then descends a steep gully at Sea Lion Gulch where rude sounds from the Elephant Seals on offshore rocks provide entertainment as you pass.

Beyond Sea Lion Gulch, walk the rocky beach for about mile until you cross a wide gravelly gulch. Beyond this point, the beach is impassable at tides of +3 feet or greater. At high tide, use the trail that climbs up the bluff above an obvious slide area and large rocks on the hillside. Immediately after passing dilapidated farm buildings, turn right along the gully?s edge. The trail down to the beach is steep but short. Then walk along the beach for about a mile to reach Cooskie Creek. This is a large canyon with a reliable stream and good campsites on the beach among driftwood shelters and on grassy benches along both sides of the canyon just upstream.

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