Humboldt Section 45

Lighthouse Road provides access along the south side of the Mattole River to the Mattole River Campground, with improved campsites, running water, pit toilets, and trailhead parking. The Petrolia Store, 5 miles inland, is a good place for supplies, and to rent bear-proof canisters which are mandatory for backpacking in the King Range.

Hiking in this section is along the sandy and sometimes rocky beach. At low tide, there are productive tide pools. Two cabins on private land sit on the low bluff above the beach just north of Fourmile Creek. South of this crossing, usually facilitated by a log, the Cooskie Creek Tail branches off to the left. This trail goes upslope and offers an alternative high route that reconnects to the CCT via several routes further south.

The abandoned Punta Gorda Lighthouse is about 3 miles from Mattole River Campground. Climb the steep staircase for breezy view up and down the coast. The trail here is on a low bench at the base of adjacent hills.

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