Ventura County

Sandy beaches galore! Ventura County?s forty-four miles of coast provide long stretches of sandy beach and numerous parks. A walk along the beach takes us beyond the next point to the next, and excites us with the natural history each presents. Along the way, the mark of the Chumash Indians, the gun emplacements of World War Two and the piles from oil drilling in the early part of the last century illuminate Ventura?s cultural history. We cross two river estuaries, find a way over or around three harbor entrances and pass by Port Hueneme and Point Mugu Navy Bases; next come the trails of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Or we might spend a day exploring the Channel Islands National Park, seeing fledgling western gulls and photographing giant coreopsis. [Tom Maxwell]

Rainbow over Emma Woods State Beach [Tim Hauf]
Inspiration Point, Anacapa Island [Tim Hauf]

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