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Since its founding in 1983, Coastwalk has been dedicated to many facets of seeing the California Coastal Trail and broad public-access to the coastline fully realized.  We acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals.

Coastwalk Coastal Trail Committee, Volunteers & Project Staff

Fran Gibson (Advocacy)
Nancy Graves
Mike Reilly (Chair)
Una Glass  (Exec. Dir.)
Stan Bluhm (Project Manager)
Rixanne Wehren (Mapping Specialist)
Leila Rand (Editor)

California Coastal Trail Info Website

Donald Nierlich (Page Editor)
Stan Bluhm
Jon Breyfogle
Wanda Edwards 
Rixanne Wehren
Leila Rand

Special Thanks to

We acknowledge the tag heuer replica watches continuing support of Wilderness Press in support of the Coastal Trail Project. Wilderness Press generously provides books from their selection of California hiking and travel books that are used as prizes and rewards for Coastwalk volunteers. 
Tod Abbott provided many of the ideas that led to the development of the web map sections and continues to offer much appreciated help.  Rasa Gustaitis, editor of the former Coast & Ocean magazine, provided invaluable suggestions as to these pages' content.  We give very special thanks those who wrote articles or provided photographs.  Very special thanks go to Dale Cook, who maintain this site, and gives us "the very special-client" treatment. The site is hosted by Westhost.  The original design was created by Rackspace.

The Genesis of This Project

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A grant from the California Coastal Conservancy supported Coastwalk's 20012003 efforts as a part of the Working Group, a committee formed by members of several State agencies and Coastwalk, to prepare an inventory map of the CCT. A Conservancy grant as well now supports some of Coastwalk's largely volunteer-driven projects, including continuing development of this website and the project to map the entire CCT.  Coastwalk also wishes to thank the other members of the Working Group for their help and encouragement in carrying out the project.

Coastal Trail Working Group (2001-2003)

Coastal Commission
Linda Locklin
Jon Van Coops
Greg Benoit
Doug MacMillan
Helmut Gieben
Tami Grove
State Parks
Ken McKowen
Susana Nierlich
Stan Bluhm
Jon Breyfogle
Nancy Graves
Tom McFarling
Richard Nichols
Donald Nierlich
Tim Reed
Rixanne Wehren
Coastal Conservancy
Steve Horn
Carla Chenault
Jamie Schmidt
Prentiss Williams

Coastwalk Mapping Volunteers and Consultants -- cumulative

Del Norte
Susan Davis
Judy Wartella

Todd Kraemer
Jill Miller
Chinmaya Lewis
Jan Matthews
Martha Spencer

Los Angeles
Donald & Susana Nierlich
Joe Bird
Stan Bluhm
Helen Gorey 
Chuck Mead**
Glenn & Sherry Miyazono
George Neuner
Henry Ott
Elizabeth Pollock
Lucien Plauzoles
George Schmeltzer

Jon Breyfogle

Bob Lorentzen
Christina Carpenter
Eric Dahlhoff
Peter Dobbins
Peter Reimuller

Toke Jayachandran
Jack Ellwanger
Lee Otter


George Pace
Sandra Pace

Santa Barbara
Virginia Gardner

San Francisco
Tim Reed

San Luis Obispo
Nancy Graves
Bill Hilton
Boon Hughey
Jan DiLeo

San Mateo
Carl May

Santa Cruz
Linda Locklin
Wallace "J" Nichols

Jon & Vina Breyfogle
Linda & David Hanes
Richard Nichols
Bill Ruppert

Wanda Edwards
Don Mills
Burt Elliott

Greg Benoit
Colin Brooks
Tom Christy
Helmut Gieben
Will Patterson
Eric Spry
Hans Vidkjer

**We mourn the loss of Chuck Mead.  He was a good friend and instrumental in
getting the Los Angeles County mapping effort underway.  He will be missed
by us all--the effort he gave will continue to be greatly appreciated.**

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