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California Coastal Trail Whole-Coast Hikers

J. Smeaton Chase (1864 - 1923)
Not really a hiker, an English immigrant and author,coach outlet Smeaton Chase, rode the coast on horseback in three trips spread between 1911 and 1912. A book, California Coast Trails, describing who he met and what he saw was published in 1913. Now reprinted several times (most recently in 2001), it is available, new and used, from various booksellers as well as an e-book. Lisa Wood, in Chasing the California Dream (1998), writes of her re-creation of Chase’s ride. Garry Stauber rode the length of California in 2003 but only the portion from Santa Cruz through Marin was along the coast.

Don Engdahl
First known hiker of the entire CaliforniaCoast. A reporter for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, he reported extensively on the adventure and the threats to access and the environment.

Bob Cowell
Dinesh Desai
Bob and Dinesh hiked from Oregon to San Francisco in 1995,www.ofcoachoutlet.com scouting the trail for the 1996 Whole Coast Hike, and they completed the hike with the group (below) in 1996.

Beverly Backstom
Marilyn Goeller
Barbara Johnson
Faye Kelly
Richard Nichols www.topcoachsale.com

The names above list those members of Coastwalk’s first Whole Coast Hike; they completed the 1155-miles logged in 112 days. An additional 14 people joined the group for sections of the trip from 50 to 500 miles.

Kent Bien
Kent ran  the CCT in 81 days.

Jon Breyfogle
Virginia “Ginny” Gregurek
Linda Hanes
Janette Heartwood
Steve Jones
Jean Kenna
Wallace “J” Nichols
Diana Savage
Max Stein
The above, members of Coastwalk’s Coastal Trail Expedition (CTE ’03), logged 1198 miles in 116 days. Read their day by day hiking notes and see their photos in the Hiker’s Resourses section.

Nate Olive – the Wookie
Sarah Janes – Island Girl
Nate and Sara hiked not only the entire CCT from Oregon to Mexico, but this was their last leg in a hike of the entire Pacific Coast--from the Washington-state/Canadian bourder

Bernie Krausse
Stacey Matthews

By February of 2005, Bernie and Stacey had backpacked from the Oregon/California border to Santa Barbara County, as three sectional walks. Read Bernie’s two articles in the Hiker’s Resources Section.

Thomas Bane
Starting on May 31 at the Mexican border, Thomas reached the Oregon border on July 29, logging 1213 miles in 60 days. His journal and photos are posted on the Trail Journals website.

Gregor Seiböck
Backpacking around the world in support of sustainable living, Gregor walked the southern half (from Mexico to Pt. Reyes) of the CCT in what was to be among the wettest January-Februarys on record.

Jessica Gauvreau
Starting in January, Jessica walked, by her own description, in a leisurely way from Imperial Beach, south of San Diego, to San Francisco, while for the most part staying in hostels.  See her notes in the Hiker's Resources Section.

If you would like to add names, corrections or comments to this list, please contact cct@coastwalk.org

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