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Coastwalk Guided Coastal Trail  Hikes
Volunteer-led, modestly-priced hikes that celebrate the California Coast: to find out about the current schedule of hikes including itineraries, details packing lists, and to register online visit: www.coastwalk.org and click on Coastwalks! 

There are Classic hikes (we haul your gear and you carry ony a daypack), Family hikes (for those 6 and up), and true Backpacks Adventures. 

Below are some examples of prior Coastwalks on the California Coastal Trail

Santa Cruz Backpack
April 14 – April 17: Backpack across this nature-rich island off the coast of Santa Barbara -- enjoy a layover day for exploring and kayaking.

Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail Classic (you carry only a daypack)
May 2 – May 9: For those unfamiliear with the Santa Monica Mountains, this almost 70 mile continuous hike will be a huge and wonderful surprise. Somewhat strenuous, but you carry only a daypack.  Jointly sponsored with the S.M.M. Trail Council.

Lost Coast Backpack
June 13 – June 21: The remote Lost Coast in southern Humboldt and northern Mendocino counties is said to be the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the continental United States.

Marin Backpack
June 15– June 18: You will enjoy the trails of the Pt. Reyes National Seashore, with some of the most spectacular views along the coast -- and the Golden Gate to boot.

Humboldt Classic*

June 21 – June 27:  The towering ancient redwoods and crashing waves on the Humboldt coast will take your breath away.



Left: Hikers enjoy the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail. (R. Nichols)  Right: Cooks Jerry and Franziska and happy walker, Susana, rejoice over bountiful meal. (D. Nierlich)

Sonoma Coast Family (for kids 6 to 60, and then some)
June 24– June 27: Short, but honest hikes in beautiful coastal surroundings; camping, campfire programs and nature study.

Catalina Island
June 25 – June 29:  We’ll boat to romantic and lovely Catalina Island for four days of hiking, camping, water sports, and sight seeing.

Mendocino Classic
June 28 – July 3:  The expansive Mendocino coast is the setting, combining magnificent coastal day hikes with relaxing campfire nights.

Sonoma Classic*
July 7– July 11: Hiking, camping and exploring on this perennial favorite along the beautiful Sonoma coast.

Monterey Bay Family Adventure  
July 11 - 12:  This overnight camp-in at the world-famous Aquarium is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and “sleeping among the fishes” is sure to tickle your fancy, no matter your age.

San Francisco Bay/Angel Island Family
July 17 - July 20:  A family exploration of the best of San Francisco Bay.  First we begin with a short ferry ride to explore Angel Island and to learn of its history as the entry point for immigrants coming from Asia.  Then to San Franciso and Ft. Mason -- to see the intersection of the urban and the legendary coast.  "Camp" indoors -- no tent required.

Santa Barbara Riviera

July 20 - July 25:  In this enchanting locale explore the largest stretch of undeveloped coastline in Southern California.  With the help of enthusiastic local guides, learn about the Chumash culture and the ecology of the spectacular Guadalupe Dunes.

Marin Headlands*
August 27 - 30:  The beauty, trails and history of the the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, but without the hard-hard ground.  Housing and meals at the Headland's Institute at old Ft. Cronkhite.

Marin Classic
September 14 – September 19:  The Marin Headlands, the northern beacon of the Golden Gate, is a national park wilderness just minutes from San Francisco. Its sweeping views of the Farallon Islands, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Area are unparalleled.

To find out more or request by mail a summer-walk brochure, visit: www.coastwalk.org.

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