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Coastwalk Summer Hikes - 19 walks for 2007!
Volunteer-led, modestly-priced hikes that celebrate the California coast: to find out more on-line or request a brochure, visit: www.coastwalk.org and click on Coastwalks!


Majestic Del Norte
June 10 – June 16: Hike among some of the most majestic redwood forests and stunning coastal views the world has to offer on this trek along remote Del Norte County’s coastline.

Wild Del Norte's Requa Inn (2 dates)
June 21 – 23:
August 5 - 8:
At the confluence of the powerful Klamath River and the Pacific Ocean sits the charming and historic Requa Inn. Come satisfy your wanderlust in the north coast’s magnificent ancient forests, and luxuriate at the Inn on this unique get-away.

Humboldt Coast's Redwoods
June 24 – June 30:  The towering ancient redwoods and crashing waves on the Humboldt coast will take your breath away.

Lost Coast Backpack
June 23 – July 1: The remote Lost Coast in southern Humboldt and northern Mendocino counties is said to be the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the continental United States.


Left: Hikers enjoy the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail. (R. Nichols)  Right: Cooks Jerry imitazioni rolex and Franziska and happy walker, Susana, rejoice over bountiful meal. (D. Nierlich) 


Classic Mendocino
June 18 – June 23:  The expansive Mendocino coast is the setting for this classic week-long Coastwalk adventure, combining magnificent coastal day hikes with relaxing campfire nights.

Mendocino Lighthouse Inn
July 23 – July 25:  The Point Cabrillo Lighthouse and the newly restored Lighthouse Inn serve as the spectacular setting for this Coastwalk Getaway. The unique bed and breakfast, located in the 1909 Head Lightkeeper’s House, is perched on a coastal terrace above the Pacific and surrounded by a nature preserve.

Sonoma Family Adventure
July 18– July 21:Join in learning, camping and exploring with other families on this perennial favorite along the beautiful Sonoma coast. bell & ross br01-92 replica

Women's Wine Country Weekend
September 28– October 1:  Stretch your hiking legs and enjoy aerobic walks with your friends along the Sonoma coastal bluffs with their gorgeous vistas.

Marin Headlands & Golden Gate National Parks
August 23 – August 26:  The Marin Headlands, the northern beacon of the Golden Gate, is a national park wilderness just minutes from San Francisco. Its sweeping views of the Farallon Islands, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Area are unparalleled.

San Francisco Bay Family Discovery
August 8 – August 12:  Join local Coastwalk guides for a family version of their legendary San Francisco Bay adventure. We'll relive sailors' days of yore when we spend a night on the swiss replica watches historic Balclutha Tall Sailing Ship, and we'll have a day of adventure exploring Angel Island.

Costanoa Women's Retreat
July 29 – July 31:  Join us at the eco-adventure resort Costanoa, and “retreat from the chaos of everyday life.”

Costanoa Getaway
September 23 – September 25:  Our local docents will lead hikes along the spectacular San Mateo coast and sections of the California Coastal Trail.

Monterey Bay Family Adventure
June 25 – June 22:  
August 10 - August 12
The overnight camp-in at the world-famous Aquarium is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and “sleeping among the fishes” is sure to tickle your fancy, no matter your age.

Santa Barbara Riviera
July 16 - July 21:  In this enchanting locale explore, with the help of enthusiastic local guides, the largest stretch of undeveloped coastline in Southern California.

Catalina Island & LA Coast
June 23 – June 29:  We’ll take a behind-the-scenes tour of the marine aquarium at Cabrillo Beach, and visit the quaint wooden Point Fermin Lighthouse, Palos Verdes shoreline preserve and the old fishing fleets at San Pedro. Then we’ll boat to romantic and lovely Catalina Island for some lovely days of hiking and camping.

Orange Family Adventure
July 5– July 8:  The warm azure waters of the Orange County coast beckon thousands of visitors each year. Local guides will introduce you to the special coastal places that so many travelers overlook.

San Diego Family Tidepool Exploration
October 26 – October 28:  Join our local guides as they open doors into the worlds of shoreline and sea for a special weekend of wonder.

To find out more or request by mail a summer-walk brochure, visit: www.coastwalk.org.

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