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Hiker's Guide: Maps, Information and Links

On these pages, you will find information about accessing the California coast for any number of recreational purposes: hiking, walking, surfing, fishing, environmental study, or solace and rejuvenation: 


  • Maps of the California coast and Coastal Trail - Maps of the California coast, its public access points and amenities, and those parts of the coastal trail that are open.
    Note: The Coastal Trail alignment shown on these maps has not been sanctioned by any agency of the State of California.
  • Favorite Hikes - day hikes from favorite outdoors' authors.
  • Coastal Trail Expedition -- 2003 - the daily journal of 10 Coastwalkers who hiked the whole 1,200 miles of the CCT -- with maps, photos, trail descriptions and a record of their experiences.
  • Hiker's Resources  - essays and tips on hiking and backpacking the California Coastal Trail
  • Links to useful information for hikers and beach-goers
  • List of all those who have hiked the entire CCT or a good part of it. 
  • The Coastal Trail Project - a project to map and complete the California Coastal Trail.
  • Other ways to visit the California coast
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Hiker's Resources
A Backpacker's Guide to the California Coastal Trail. A detailed guide to backpacking and supply availability on the northern and central portions of the CCT, by Bernie Krause; photos by Stacy and Bernie Krause

Hiking the Coast from Hostel to Hostel.  Jessica Gauvreau provides notes on her 2008 walk of the CCT north to San Francisco with a day pack and hostel stays. 

Experience the California coast!  Two men take an exploratory walk of the coastline from Oregon to San Francisco in 1995, by Dinesh Desai.

Impressions of the California Coastal Trail. Two experienced backpackers take on the CCT. Here are their impressions and photos--a walk in process, by Bernie Krause; photos by Stacy and Bernie Krause 

Visit the World's Best Coastal Trails.  Notes and links gathered together by Coastwalk's Executive, Richard Nichols

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The Coastal Trail Project
These Hiker's Guide pages are part of a  Coastwalk project--going forward with support from the Coastal Conservancy--to create maps of the California Coastal Trial (CCT), and to provide hikers and other visitors with a useful resource that will help in planning an outing. Underway since 2002, it is an ambitious project that involves volunteers up and down the California coast in walking the trail and recording its alignment with a GPS unit, taking photos and noting the amenities that are found along it. The information gathered will be incorporated into maps of the trail by Coastwalk staff, and these maps, photos and the accompanying information will then be displayed on this web site with links to aerial photos of the coastline.


Where the Trail does not yet exist, local volunteers are working with local and regional organizations and State and Federal agencies to suggest and to evaluate possible routes. In the longer term, Coastwalk volunteers will help build and maintain trails as is now the case to a limited extent. 

This project provides many volunteer opportunities -- something for everyone! -- and if you would like to become involved we would like to hear from you. Organizers (with some knowledge of coastal trails), hikers, GPS enthusiasts, photographers, writers, researchers, all within ready proximity of the coast and in all of the coastal counties are needed-- just click here.

Other ways to visit the Coastal Trail
If you know little of the California coastline or live far from it, you might like to join in on a day hike or one of Coastwalk's summer multi-day outings. Each year Coastwalk organizes more than twenty hikes, varying in length from 3 to 12 days, and including one in each of California's 15 coastal counties. These vary from easy (for grandparents and grandchild) to moderately difficult (strenuous hiking or backpacking), and are low-cost; grants are available for qualified students. Click here to see a list of Coastwalk summer hikes.

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