• Get involved!  Volunteer to work on Coastwalk's Coastal Trail Project. Work with a local CCT Volunteers in your area on projects ranging from mapping the trail, trail maintenance, local CCT advocacy, leading day hikes, community outreach,  and many other things. You can help make the California Coastal Trail a reality! For more information, contact  info@coastwalk.org via email or by phone at 707) 829-6689.

  • For questions about the Coastal Trail and the California coast, contact info@coastwalk.org

  • Follow us on Facebook for recent Coastal Trail and Coastal issue news at  "Coastwalk California"

  • General questions about Coastwalk? Contact Coastwalk's office: 555 South Main St, Suite 3, Sebastopol, CA 95472. 707-829-6689. 

  • www.topclonewatch.me


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